EOS Risq

EOS RISQ is an international partnership of privately owned brokers – each a market leader in their country. We specialise in the placement of multinational insurance programmes and risk management services for European and global organisations. We provide product placement and account handling, claims services and expert advice for global risks in all major classes of insurance and reinsurance, as well as employee benefit and actuarial consulting, and health care administration and consulting services.


Partner companies work together to find the best local and international solutions available – providing consistent contact at every stage of the process.


As independent, practitioner-led businesses, we provide a unique combination of insight into local customs and practices, and access to international expertise. We build highly successful long-term relationships by asking the right questions, delivering first-class solutions and having a strong focus on service.


EOS RISQ partner companies have combined revenues of over €1.2bn and offices in 37 countries. The partner companies are: Assiteca (Italy), Diot (France), Lockton International (United Kingdom and Ireland) and Vanbreda Risk & Benefits (Benelux).